Here are the changes made in 2016:


1/4/16 Added info about lost TWAer Bob Slater.
1/4 Changed the name of the "Contrails" page to "Propwash"
1/4 Relocated an article about Jon Proctor's Rount the World trip to our Propwash page.
1/11 Added a link for the Ramp & Maintenance 2010 Picnic to the "Friends" page.
1/11 Added a photo of the "Golden Years" on the photos page.
1/12 Added the TWA Museum Hangar Dance announcement to the "Friends" secion.
1/15 Moved several items from the main page to the "Propwash" page. Added a photo of the AA 737 in TWA livery on the main page.
2/8 Added info about our first Connie flight into ORY.
2/18 Added details of our Valentines Day luncheon and notice for our April and June luncheons.
2/19 Added the latest update to the renovation of the JFK terminal.
3/5 Added another reminder about the 2016 dues.
3/8 Added reservation forms for our April and June luncheons. Updated the "Past Events" and rearranged the pages. Added Tom Burgess' wife's mother passing in the "remembering" section.
3/31 Added a notice of the Maintenance/Ramp spring breakfast on April 9.
4/11 Updated the luncheon schedule and added details of our April luncheon.
4/25 Removed the expired Hangar dance notice.
5/3 Added details of Bill Blaney's passing.
5/3 Added info about a new book concerning Flight 800 to be published in July.
5/9 Added the latest photo of the TWA livery in PHX on 5-6-16.
5/17 Added info about the Maintananace/Ramp lunch on May 23.
5/22 Added info about our Summer luncheon and rearranged the main page.
5/24 Removed outdated Ramp/Maintenance breakfast announcement.
6/6 Updated our August luncheon information.
6/10 Updated the info of Ginny Ratchford's passing on June 6th.
7/3 Added Ginny Ratchford's passing to our "Remembering" page.
7/3 Added details for our August luncheon and our October luncheon.
7/14 Added info about the Ramp/Maintenance picnic.
8/4 Updated the info for our October luncheon.
8/11 Added details for our October luncheon.
8/23 Added details of our August luncheon along with Joe Alacapa's video.
8/24 Added more info about the Ramp & Maintenance picnic.
8/29 Added information to the "Friends" page announcing the TWA Museum BLOG. Check it out!
9/4 Added reservation coupon for the October luncheon. Added info about Jon Proctor's new book. Added info about the Seniors Skyliner and the national TWA organization on the "Friends" page.
9/5 Added additional details of the Maintenance/Ramp picnic.
9/6 Updated the membership dues info for 2017.
9/27 Added information of Gretchen Lewis' passing.
9/27 Updated the information about the TWA Museum's Guide Blog and its most recent addition.
10/3 Added information of Glenn  Wiese's passing.
10/10 Updated the info for our December Christmas Celebration.Updated information on members who have passed on: Phil Rivituso and Bob Instone.
10/11 Added a link to Joe Alacapa's video from our October luncheon. Added info of Joe Sinnott's passing.
10/13 Added further details of Gretchen Lewis' services.
10/24 Added a video of the L-1049 Connie startup and takeoff in the "Propwash" section.
10/25 Added a link to the 2016 Maintenance/Ramp picnic video. Updated the information about Phil Rivituso's services.
10/27 Added details for Fay Widholm's passing and updated on 11/7.
11/7 Changed the Ramp/Maintenance breakfast to a lunch get-together.
11/16 Updated the info for the next Maintenance/Ramp LUNCH on December 5.
11/18 Added reservation forms for the December adn February luncheons and a form for sending in the 2017 dues.
12/20 Updated the info for our February luncheon. and added a link to Joe Alacapa's video from our December gala.
12/26 Added a poetic tribute to John Glenn by Hugh Kelley.

Here are the changes made in 2015:


2/10/15 Added Bob Instone to the "Lost TWAer" page.
2/24/25 Added notice of Bill Fields and Jerry Kintz passing.
3/2 Added notice of Nick Mantas, Judy Mantas' husband passing.
3/4 Added a notice about the 3rd annual Hangar Dance April 25 at 10 Richards Road, MKC.
3/6 Added note about the Maintenance/Ramp breakfast.
3/12 Added a note about Weldon Parks passing and added a separate page for memories of those who passed away in prior years.
3/23 Added the April luncheon reservation form.
4/13 Added reservation form for our June luncheon and rearranged several items in the "Contrails" section.
4/26 Removed TWA MKC Hangar Dance notice.
5/18 Added Ramp and Maintenance picnic announcement.
6/15 Added April luncheon details and the CMH terminal restoration project photo and details.
6/25 Updated the CMH terminal restoration project information.
6/26 Added details for the August luncheon. Added picture of Tom Sharkey and Bill Meyer (son of former TWA President Ed Meyer) at the June luncheon.
6/29 Added the announcement of the passing of RSM Donald "Duck" Meade.
7/12 Moved CMH terminal event to the Contrails section.
7/12 Added a great article about the JFK Flight Center with a link to the LON Daily Mail.
7/12 Added information about Jon Proctor's RTW trips.
7/19 Added link to the Ramp & Maintenance picnic on Sept. 12.
7/28 Added info about TWA InFlight movies and a link to the information.
8/10 Added a link to the TWA "Wings of Pride" DC-9.
8/17 Added an alert about our Oktoberfest luncheon.
8/17 Added information about our August luncheon.
8/25 Added details for our Oktoberfest luncheon.
9/2 Added a non-rev travel update.
9/14 Added reservation form for our October luncheon, deleted the TWA Maintenance/Ramp picnic item and added three "lost TWAers" Diane (Dee) Barry JFK CSA, Maureen Tyers JFK CSA and Christie Coombs ORD or JFK CSA 1979-1981.
9/22 Added photo of Ramp/Maintenance picnic 2015.
9/28 Added a link to the current plans for the former TWA terminal at JFK.
10/13 Added information about our October luncheon and details for our December luncheon.
10/27 Added info about the passing of George Gook and "Bunny" Matus.
10/31 Added the Ramp and Maintenance Fall Breakfast notice.
11/9 Added info about Steve Kolish being in the hospital in LAS.
11/11 Rearranged the "Remembering" listings and added a link for a 1947 Connie video. Also added a notice about unclaimed benefirs from the PBGC.
11/16 Updated our yearly dues to $20. Added December reseervation and 2016 membership forms.
11/21 Removed outdated ramp breakfast info.
12/8 Added info about our December luncheon and a reservation form for the February luncheon.
12/26 Added Joe Alacapa's video from our December luncheon.
12/31/15 Added info from Joe Alacapa's TWA dinner and a link to his video.


Here are the changes made in 2014:

Check out the latest photos. Added new photos on Fdebruary 28, 2014. Click on PHOTOS.Then click on "NEXT PAGE" or the > (forward arrow button).

1/2014 Added an item about new aircraft colors.
1/2014 Added four great ORD photos of many from the group. You'll have to use a magnifier, though.
1/2014 Added a short review and photo of "Airways Classics" magazine featuring TWA in the "Contrails" area.
1/2014 Added a classic ad for the Super-G Connie in the "Photos" section.
2/3/2014 Added a photo of the N771TW and story of the 707 that NEVER had TWA livery! In "Contrails".
2/12/14 Added Jetnet familiarization training meeting info.
2/28/14 Added nice photos of the DC-3, Martin 404 and Connie plus the TWA Tri-motor courtesy of    Steve Kolish and Dory Malott, former Ramp Supervisor MDW/ORD in the "Photos" section.
3/17 Added details of the TWA Hangar Dance.
3/24 Added American Airlines Friends announcement and invitation.
4/3 Added Maintenance/Ramp breakfast reminder.
4/15 Added info about "Boeing Boeing" at the Kalamazoo Community Theater and info about TWA's appearance in "Mad Men" Season 7 Episode 1.
4/19 Added Bob Instone to the "Lost TWAer" list.
4/19 Added information about Jeanne O'Neil's passing.
4/23 Added information about Helen Orchard's passing.
4/28 Added information about Joe Wolos passing.
4/28 Added Chris Jensen to the "Lost TWAer" list and added "Chicago Through the Years" link.
4/29 Added information about Helga Fahey's passing.
5/2 Added details of a May 17 memorial cruise in NJ for Joe Wolos.
5/30 Added note about the Ramp/Maintenance lunch possibility on June 6.
5/30 Added information about the TWA Annual Picnic on Sept. 13.
6/1 Added Gail Manz to the list of "missing TWAers". Added info about Jimmie Hough's passing.
6/4 Added info about Retirees Health Benefits and of Grace Parus passing. Also added a link to the "816 Hotel" in Kansas City in our Contrails section.
6/9 Updated the info for our August luncheon and removed outdated info.
7/2 Added a link for the historic TWA Terminal at JFK.
7/2 Added a reservation form for Greek Islands luncheon in August.8/5 Updated info about our Octoberfest luncheon.
8/29 Added info about a "TWA Memories" CD available to all and added a photo quiz n the main page.
9/3 Added Travel Belefits update and deleted note about "Mad Men" episode.
9/14 Removed the TWA picnic notice and added group photo from the picnic.
10/3 Added 2015 dues reminder and form.10/6 Updated Christmas Party info. Added a link to the Ramp/Maintenance picnic video on Contrails page
10/7 Added the details for Johnny Morrison's passing.
10/21 Added the Ramp/Maintenance Fall Breakfast.
11/4 Added info about the December luncheon and a reservation form.
11/7 Added James Sylvester ORD Maint.Supv. to the list of Lost TWAers.
11/10 Removed item about the Ramp/Maintenance Fall Breakfast.
11/17 Added image of the new American "Heritage" Airbus aircraft in TWA colors.
12/8 Updated the December and February luncheon. Removed outdated health information and added a link to the Airbus flying in formation video. Removed photo quiz.
12/31 Added info about Jon Proctor's L-1011 article and link to the article in "Contrails".


Changes beginning August 1, 2012 and in 2013:


Check out member contributions! Click on "Contrails" on the left side menu.
Added the "TWA Friends" section for other former TWA employee groups.
Added images from the book "Howard Hughes' Airline" in the Photos section.
Added a link to Jon Proctor's web site under "Friends". VERY interesting! 
Added a link to a great virtual tour of the TWA Museum at 10 Richards Road, MKC.
Check our the TWA Friends page!
Added a "Remembering" page for our friends and coworkers who have passed on.
Check out the latest photos. Added new photos on Fdebruary 28, 2014. Click on PHOTOS.Then click on "NEXT PAGE" or the > (forward arrow button).
2013 Added the "Where are they?" page.
2013 Added links to interesting sites received from Phil Carlson to the "Contrails" page. Thanks, Phil.



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