Over the years we have lost many of our friends and Windy City Ambassador members. We have tried to list these fine persons so their memories will be retained by all.

Lost in 2019

Phil Rinaldi, formerly ORD Supervisor,  has succumbed to his illness and left us. He was interned  with Military Honors at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. We'll all miss Phil's smile!

Phil Rinaldi

Another Windy City Ambassador has left us. Paula Carney, formerly a Rate Desk agent for 33 years, passed on January 24, 2019.

Paula Carney

Norma Knecht, the wife of Windy City Ambassador member Ron Knecht, passed away and a Mass was held on January 10, 2019..

Norma Knecht

Lost in 2018

Another passing has occurred, this of Jean (Gene) White who worked in Air Freight departments at MDW and ORD, downtown sales, then ABQ where he passed away on this past Christmas Day 2018.    

Gene White

We have lost another of our Windy City Ambassadors. On October 24th we lost Tom Jamieson, a long time PRR at ORD.

Tom Jamieson

Another has gone. In September we lost Bill Penne,  ATO Supervisor. at ORD.

Ron Penne

Lost in 2017

We recently received news of the loss of another friend, Bill Culbertson. Bill was a Maintenance Mechanic at ORD from 1963-1993. 

Bill Culbertson

It is with a great deal of personal sadness we mourn the passing that our dear friend and co-worker, Joann Parrilli, who passed away in early December after bravely  battling the illness which ultimately took her from us. Fittingly beautiful services were held at St. Malachay-Precious Blood church.


Joann Parrilli



Remembering our friends who have passed on....

As the days pass, so do some of our friends and coworkers. We will include notices of passing as they are received.

Another Windy Ciry Ambassador friend and member has left us. Marie Maras passed away on September 12. Marie worked on the CHI RES Tour Desk. For Marie's obituary CLICK HERE.  

Marie Maras

Dody was formerly at the CHI RES office and was a long time member and friend of many who left us on July 17, 2017. CLICK HERE for Dody's obituary.

Dolores Mae "Dody" Mooney

Larry was formerly at the ORDATO and was a long time member and friend of many. No other details are available.

Larry Budrow

Gary Mazzone

Gary was a member of our group since 2014 and donated various items for our last auction. Gary will be missed. CLICK HERE for Gary's obituary.

Betty has been our friend and member for many years and lost her husband John in January. We want to express our sorrow for Betty's loss.

John Malmrose, husband of Betty Lyons-Geary

Memories of those from earlier years are located on a separate page. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THOSE ENTRIES.


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