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Our "downtown" SUMMER luncheon was held on SEPTEMBER 8th at the Erie Cafe, 536 West Erie Street in Chicago. This great historic location did not disappoint as over 30 of your fellow TWAers enjoyed a full luncheon topped with home-made tiramisu! Thanks to Joe Alacapa, a short video was made at the luncheon. You can CLICK HERE to enjoy it.




We celebrated Summer with a fine gathering at the White Fence Farm on June 7th. Our smaller group of 30 TWAers gathered to enjoy the conversation and that wonderful "Fried Chicken and Fritter Fest". It was one to be remembered.

February 2019

Our February luncheon was held at the Thipi Thai restaurant that we had previously enjoyed. Everyone was well fed and there was lots of great conversation. The meal was topped off with their delicious home-made ice cream.



Our April luncheon was held at Cafe Salsa that has been a favority for the past five years. We had a full house and all enjoyed a lovely Mexican entree of skewered steak and shrimp and specialty sides followed by a beautiful ice cream dessert.

December 2018

Nearly 50 TWAers gathered for our annual TWA Christmas Celebration at Eddie Merlot's in Burr Ridge. Great decorations, wonderful food and friendship made this a memorable event!



More than 60 TWAers enjoyed a lunch at the White Fence Farm that was more like a banquet than a simple lunch! Bill and Amy Meyer were able to join us again along with George and Jeanne Bartell from Arkansas. Lots of great food and fellowship was enjoyed by all!

August    2018

A large group of your fellow TWAers thoroughly enjoyed our summer reunion at the Erie Cafe. We all enjoyed the wonderful food and certainly enjoyed seeing many of our old friends..

October 2018

Another large group of TWAers gathered for what has become a tradition at Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe in Darien.  Our meal was delicious and filling - from the cream of poblano soup 'til the last taste of our peach cobbler. Yum!!

December 2017

Our December Holiday Party was on December 3rd at Eddie Merlot's in Burr Ridge. This is the same location that we have enjoyed for the past several years and it certainly did not disappoint your fellow TWAers!

February 2018

Our February luncheon was held at Thipi Thai in LaGrange.Unfortunately only 18 members were able to attend due to the terrible weather but it was one of the nicest gatherings that we've had - just a wonderfull group of people enjoying conversation in a georgous restaurant while enjoying delicious food. Everyone stayed till 4 PM!

April 2018


A lively group of TWAers enjoyed a great meal at Cafe Salsa in Countryside on April 15th. Even though it was rainy and dreary outside, the fun inside kept everyone happy and all were well fed with a delicious meal.

April    2017

Approximately 35 TWAers feasted at Cafe Salsa in LaGrange on April 23. We all certainly enjoyed the fresh guacamole, the steak and shrimp shish-ka-bob with warm charro beans, spanish rice and warm tortillas. Yum! Coffee and a special dessert of bunuelos supreme - crispy cinnamon sugar-coated tortillas with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. What a delight!

June 2017

Many of your fellow TWAers enjoyed the traditional chicken dinner and good times at the White Fence Farm in Romeoville. We can always count on the White Fence Farm staff for a good meal and comfortable surroundings!

August    2017

Our August luncheon was at the Erie Street Cafe and more than 60 TWAers enjoyed platters of pasta, chicken and steak accompanied by salad and finished with tiramisu. What a great meal and great conversations between fellow TWAers. Joe Alacapa captured the event on his video equipment and you can enjoy the fun by clicking HERE.

October  2016

Our Fall Festival was just that: Festive! Decorated tables, autumn atrifacts, flowers, extra prizes and a virtually "full house" at Chuck's Chateau Orleans in Darien. The food was some of the best we've had anywhere and it was second only to the enjoyment of everyone there. We'll be returning next year! Thanks to Joe Alacapa for capturing the event on video. CLICK HERE to enjoy.

December 2016

Our Christmas Celebration was held at Eddie Merlot's in Burr Ridge and MANY TWAers enjoyed the festivities. Great food, fun and friendship were all present for our Holiday Gala! And, Joe Alacapa was on hand with his video camera to share the festivities with those not able to attend. CLICK HERE to enjoy.

February 2017

"Aloha!" was the theme of our February 12th luncheon at Chef Shangri-La in North Riverside. Members' tropical garb really added to the warmth and ambiance despite the chilling weather. Our meal was both ample and delicious and was enjoyed by all.

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