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TWA Windy City Ambassadors Membership



Membership is $25.00 per calendar year and includes your spouse.      

We publish four newsletters a year. We try to include color photos of many of our Ambassadors from the last luncheon.     

Always be sure that your dues for the next year are paid in advance, as newsletters only are mailed to current members during that year.  As we say, "no dues, no news". You can easily tell if you have paid the current year's dues!  Simply check the label on your most recent newsletter. Immediately following your name will be the year through which your dues have been paid.


Send your yearly payment to:

Darlene "Queenie" Ficke

11015 Deblin Lane

Oak Lawn, IL 60450  




Please complete a New Member Application and let us know something about you. 


TWA Windy City Ambassadors

Membership Application ... Membership Renewal

Our purpose is to keep the spirt and friendships of TWA alive. All past employees are asked to join ... everyone who helped provide the luxury in air travel that was TWA ... Trans World Airlines.

Dues are $25 per calendar year, January 1 thru December 31, regardless of what month you join.

Husband and spouse are considered as one member. Children must join as a separate member.

Luncheons are planned throughout the year at various locations in the Chicago area. We hope that most of these venues will be a short drive from your home.

Our newsletter is published following each luncheon to keep you updated on past and future activities, as well as important happenings concerning other members.

We maintain a web site that is updated quite frequently. It contains information helpful for being a current member of our club, as well as a past employee of TWA. We are part of the national TWA Seniors Club, and we recommend that you join that organization, too. A separate application is maintained on our their web site.

To fill out this form, either PRINT this FORM, then fill out the questions by pen or pencil and mail to "Queenie" at her address below. OR, simply give us the same information in a note to "Queenie".


(Name:) _______________________________________________________________

(Spouse Name:) _________________________________________________________


(Street Address:) ________________________________________________________




(Telephone Number:) _________________________________


(E-Mail Address:) ________________________________________________________


(Hire Date:) _____________________(Departure Date:) _________________________


(TWA Positions & Locations:) _______________________________________________






Please send this form and your personal check for $20.00 payable to TWAWCA to:

Darlene “Queenie” Ficke

11015 Deblin Ln.

Oak Lawm, IL 60453


TWA Seniors Club


Membership is $15.00 per calendar year.


The TWA Seniors Club club publishes the Seniors SKYLINER newspaper containing information on our many national and international chapters.  They also keep everyone up-to-date regarding policy changes at American Airlines. For full details, please visit their extensive webiste:


Send your yearly payment to:


TWA Seniors Club  

P O Box 901475 

Kansas City, MO 64190

Their web site is: 




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