Over the years, we may lose contact with some of our old firends and coworkers. If you know the location and/or address of these former TWAers, please let our webmaster know. Also, if you are searching for information on a lost friend, let the webmaster know and the information will be posted. 

We are currently looking for valid addresses for:  

LST Richard A. Warren - ORD 

Mary Jo Larsen - CHI RES  (Inquiry made Jan. 2014)

Gail Manz - CHI RES & ORD

Diane (Dee) Barry - JFK CSA approx. 1979 to 1981 (Inquiry made Sept. 2015)

Maureen Tyers - JFK CSA approx. 1979-1981 (Inquiry made Sept. 2015)

Christie Coombs - ORD or JFK CSA 1979-1981 (Inquiry made Sept 2015)

Bob Slater - CHI RES (Inquiry made January 2016)

Diane Rodney - CHI RES (Inquiry made January 2017)

Anita Patel - Originally a Res Agt in CHI, then became a flight attendant last based in NYC (Inquiry made June 2017)

Ray Eckegren, retired Plant Maintenance Mechanic (Inquiry made 8/23/18 by Pat Martin 501-991-3134

To contact our Webmaster and add a name to the "Lost TWAers" list, simply fill out this form:

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