Frequently Asked Questions

 Greetings from the Windy City!  We traditionaly meet for luncheons every 2 months giving us a chance to visit with some of our 499 members.  We have a grand time and would love to see more of our retirees attend. 


  1. Welcome to the "Windy City Ambassadors" web site!! Please let me (your webmaster) know your comments so that updates can be made as needed. It is my pleasure to "pick up the baton" from George Swanson  and move forward. Thank you....John Holmes...Class of 1965      
  2. Is the Windy City Ambassadors for ME?
    We encourage anyone (or spouse) who worked for TWA to join our chapter. We also have many Chicago retirees presently living in FL, AZ, WI, etc., who seldom come to our luncheons but continue to receive our newsletter. This keeps us up to date on our old comrades! The cost is only $25.00 per year  
  3. How can I join? 
    Send an email to or drop her a note. Send your note to Darlene (Queenie) Ficke, 11015 Deblin Lane, Oak Lawn, IL 60453. For all the membership details, click on "MEMBERSHIP" above.  
  4. I need more information! How can I receive it?
    Send an email to   

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