TWAer's at Midway, O'Hare and CHI were and will always be a special breed! This is their story - YOUR story.  It's YOUR place, and it's called Windy City Ambassadors.  The story of TWA and Chicago will never be in the past, it will always be present - close to our hearts, just as all those friends we've made over the years.  Thanks to TWAers Phil and Joan Carlson, we are able to present a number of great photos from the Chicago Tribune of historic Midway Airport. CLICK HERE to bring back memories from the early days of Midway!

Our former Webmaster, George Swanson, made a valuable comment about TWA and our careeers before he left us: "The funny thing is that when you share a memory or talk about something that is or was important to you it hits a responsive chord and others chime in. 

Think about writing something about an aspect of your Chicago career, write it and let it fly.  

You never know,  you may hear from old friends you've just about forgotten.

What united us was not necessarily the friendships but the MISSION.  What we DID.  We lived a great era in aviation and probably didn't really realize it back then.  These were the golden years as the jet conquered travel and our passengers were carriage trade.  Much of what we knew is gone, sadly, forever.

So, with that in mind, if you have stories that you'd like to share with others, take a moment and send your webmaster an email and let him know YOUR story. Send your story to ham604@gmail.com. If possible, your story will be included in the Windy City Ambassador web pages.  

2018 is not beginnng with good news from our fellow TWAers. We have lost two friends:

It is with a great deal of personal sadness we mourn the passing that our dear friend and co-worker, Joann Parrilli, who passed away in early December after bravely  battling the illness which ultimately took her from us. Fittingly beautiful services were held at St. Malachay-Precious Blood church.

We also recently received news of the loss of another friend, Bill Culbertson. Bill was a Maintenance Mechanic at ORD from 1963-1993. 

Take a minute to see those ORD/CHI/MDW folks who you (probably) worked with or heard about over the years. The images of LOTS of your fellow TWAers from the Ramp, Maintenance, ATO and Reservations have been captured in a great video. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! 

Our December HOLIDAY PARTY was held on December 3rd at Eddie Merlot's in Burr Ridge. This is the same great location that we have enjoyed for the past few years and it did not disappoint your fellow TWAers. Watch for details in your newsletter.

Our February luncheon was held on February 11 at Thipi Thai in LaGrange. Unfortunately only 18 members were able to attend due the terrible weather but it was one of the nicest afternoons we've had--- just a group of people having wonderful conversation in a gorgeous restaurant while enjoying delicious food....everyone STAYED til 4pm!!!   Watch for details in your newsletter.

2018 dues are OVER due!


Have you paid your $25 annual dues that covers your entire household for your Windy City Ambassador membership? Your dues help support our club and enable us to send your Newsletter to you with all those great pictures! NOW IS THE TIME! Please check your latest newsletter label for "2018" (meaning you have paid through 2018) or send Queenie an email and ask her your membership status! It's easy and VERY important, so don't wait...do it TODAY. Queenie's email address is twasqueenie@att.net. Thanks from all of the TWA Windy City Ambassadors!



April is just around the corner so you must SAVE THE DATE...April 15 at Cafe Salsa at 12:00 Noon! Cost of the festivities will be $28.00 and your RSVP is due to Queenie by April 2nd. All of the details are in the newsletter so check it out!

We'll have is a handy reservation form for you to use. Simply clip the form, fill it in and mail to Queenie! It's easy!


BIG NEWS FOR 2019 ....yes 2019!! There will not be an AGM in 2018 BECAUSE the plan is to have the AGM in late September or early October, 2019 at the original JFK Terminal after renovation!! Read the story below!

YES! The new renovation of the famed JFK Flight Center is a reality. CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST INFO!

Did you realize that the TWA JFK Terminal has been closed since 2001? It's really hard to believe it's been so long. NOW you can take a trip back into the past to view that architectural wonder that was the flagship location for our great airline. The Daily Mail from London has produced a wonderful photo feature that you are sure to enjoy. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY.

Now, a fine hotel will be built and there was groundbreaking in December 2016. The planned hotel will open in 2018 and feature, among other things, employees in TWA uniforms. The annual TWA Seniors' AGM (Annual General Meeting) will be held there after opening. CLICK HERE for the details of this masterpiece.   

When you were in LAS, did you see the great display in the terminal that featured LOTS of fine aircraft including many from TWA and this 331B?

Have you seen this aircraft yet?? Pretty special!! It was seen in PHX May 6, 2016.

TWA livery in PHX 5-8-2016


Former DCS Jon Proctor has done it again! Jon and Jeff Kriendler proudly announce the release of a NEW BOOK: Trans World Airlines A Book of Memories. This is a collection of stories from TWA's employees and friends who share the memories of our iconic airline. $29.95 provides 280 pages, 62 stories and 270 color illustartions. Free Priority Mail shipping (USA only) to TWAers. Order from airlinebooks2@gmail.com.


We continually receive news of our friends and coworkers who have passed away. Details are posted on the "Remembering" page. Please click on "Remembering" for the details.

Here;s a good deal for hotls discounts. All TWA chapters have received a complementary special discount membership to Hotel Engine. There are al LOT of benefits so check it all out at: http://www.hotelengine.com/join/twa-alumni

Money...money...money. We never seem to have enough! Thanks to Phil Carlson, there MAY be TWAers who are owed money from the PBGC. Here is Phil's notice:

Are you getting a pension from the PBGC? I do and received a newsletter today online that has an article on (Missing people) that the PBGC is holding pensions for but they haven't been claimed. I found two people that worked at ORD, Gail Manz and Bernard (Bernie) Piagari out of the many that are on the list. They were the only two I recognized.

Now, if someone would like to be a real humanitarian and try to contact our fellow employees to let them know they may have monies coming to them, who would have the best database to do this? Should one start with sending the info to all the clubs to post on their sites and in newsletters (like I am doing to you)??? Here is the web site to go to to check if you have money due to you.


Click workers & Retirees

In the middle bottom section click Search for unclaimed pensions

On the next page enter under companies TWA (nothing else)

About 8 pages of names will come up we are under Pichin Corp (TWA)

Hope we find a few worthy people.


You can enjoy the history of aviation and Chicago courtesy of Jon Proctor through his internet site "Chicago Through the Years". CLICK HERE to take a great trip back in time! 

You can relive the great TWA terminal at JFK! What great memories of a very special place...CLICK HERE.


ALSO, thanks to Queenie, your Webmaster has a CD that is absolutely LOADED with TWA images...badges, pins, ads, travel posters...you name it! If you would want a copy, let him know. Simply click on this to request one:

Non Rev Travel Update


If you do not already have an account on Jetnet, you are really missing out when it comes to non-rev travel. The Jetnet site has been recently improved lots of valuable information. Under "Traveler Info" they have now posted the necessary info to list for our vacation passes D-1's and D3's. There is a lot there to help you when making your travel plans so please check it out at: https://retirees.aa.com/AARetirees/travel

What's new between August 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016?  CLICK HERE to see the changes.
Here's a listing of the changes made in 2018 thru 2017:


1/4/18 Added information about the Maintenance awards luncheon and presentation.

1/9 Added details of the loss of Joann Parrilli and Bill Culbertson.
1/21 Added Hotel Engine discount details. Added photo of 331B in LAS display case.
2/12 Removed outdated announcements.
2/12 Added info about the upcoming April luncheon.





1/3/17 Added Marc Brecy's 2017 New Year wish to all.
1/15 Added Diane Rodney to the "lost TWAers" page.
1/24 Updated the date for the March Maintenance/Ramp lunch.
1/29 Added the passing of BettyLyons-Geary's husband, John Malmrose.
1/29 Added info about our April luncheon.
1/29 added an update of the fine hotel coming to the TWA JFK Flight Center.
2/16 Added the notice for the annual TWA Hangar Dance. Updated the luncheon info.
3/1 Added info of the passing of Gary Mazzone and Larry Budrow.
3/5 Added a luncheon reservation form and a report of our February luncheon.
3/9 Added a link to Gary Mazzone's obituary and Gary's photo.
4/16 Added the Ramp/Maintenance lunch on May 8th.
4/26 Added the reservation form for our June luncheon. Added details of our April feast. Rearranged the "remembring" page.
5/1 Removed the hangar dance notice.
5/9 Removed the  Maintenance/Ramp lunch notice.
5/20 Added a reservation form for our August luncheon.
6/2 Added info for the Maintanance/Ramp annual picnic.
6/7 Added Anita Patel to the list of "Lost TWAers"
6/17 Added info about the Manitenance/Ramp summer lunch. Removed the White Fence Farm luncheon info.
6/29 Updated the Maintenance summer lunch date that is now August 7.
8/30 Added info about our October luncheon.
8/30 Added info of Dody Mooney's passing.
9/11 Removed outdated Ramp/Maintenance picnic info.
9/13 added details of Marie Maras' passing.
9/26 Added the October luncheon reservation form.
10/2 Added a link to the latest info on the renovation of the JFK Flight Center.
10/24 Added a link to the Ramp/Maintenance 2017 picnic.
10/25 Added a photo of a model 707-331B on display in LAS.
11/2 Added info about our annual Christmas Party and updated the summer luncheons.
11/4 Added information about a video featuring ORD/MDW/CHI TWAers and a link to it.
11/17 Added reservation forms for December and February luncheons. Added 2018 dues addouncement and membership payment coupon. Updated dues in the Membership area.
11/20 Added the Maintenance/Ramp luncheon on Dec.11 details.
12/5 Updated the details of our Holiday Luncheon at Eddie Merlot's


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